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The new year (2014) approaches…

Just a quick note from both Alan and Duncan to wish all of our regular contributors and website followers a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Here’s hoping that 2014 will yield contact from those who can fill in the missing parts of our story! We also plan to add a links page and a few other tweaks, as and when we can. It may sometimes seems like things have gone quiet on here, but we are always poised to react to developments! Best wishes and thanks for dropping by whenever you can! ….Alan (author) and Duncan (webmaster/host)…. “We will remember them!”

Winter 2013 Update…

Many thanks to Dunc for adding my summaries to the “Crew List” section, containing the incomplete information we have on our two gunners; Williams and David….We remain hopeful for contact with family members of these two airmen to help complete our story, also added (to the “Other Memoirs” section) is information on F/O David’s brother lost in a 7 Sqdn Lanc’ and a summary of our rear gunner’s return from Stalag Luft I (Barth)…..The project continues….

Summer 2013 Update

Things are quiet at the moment, got a few photos and details to add shortly but no major developments. However, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my Uncle Jim….AKA W/O James “Snowdrop” Southworth DFM, a two tour A/G ex of 78 and 103 Sqdns respectively. A West Lancashire lad born and bred, he was laid to rest this week in his beloved Cornwall after a full and remarkable life aged 92, a sad but proud day.

Spring 2013 update…

…Duncan has added a piece I wrote for a local magazine in the “Other Memoirs” section on the drop-down menu…..”The “Airmen of Newburgh” is not LM658 related but is the story of four men from a small Lancashire village, three of whom lost their lives on Lancs….worth a read! We are also planning a page of relevant links to other sites…watch this space!

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