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Some additional information & photos added to the biography of Laurence Roy Watts. We’ll be adding more photos & information into other biographies as we receive them.

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If you are reading this….

Paddy from “The Fedora Lounge” 1940’s culture forum, we would like to know more about the origins of the very interesting material you have posted, feel free to get in touch sir!

The results keep coming in!

Glad to see that the LM 658 website is yeilding the results I had hoped it would! Only recently we have had contact from the family of Flt Lt “Stevie” Stevens who took over as the skipper of the crew left behind by Flt Lt Holland after his tragic loss on his “second dickie” trip. This comes hot on the heels of contact from the family of Flt Lt Carl Woodworth, the original navigator from Gerald Hood’s crew and of course F/O James Boyle and family whose memoirs you can read on here…Mr Boyle was Chris Hollands original navigator!…Keep the contacts coming!

A big step forward….

Today,webmaster Duncan and myself have been rather busy, the mini biography of Laurence Watts has now been added along with a link to his last letter home. We also got our heads together (well I sat and watched!) and started to insert our collection of photos into the text of the site.

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