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Seasons Greetings from the Team…

Duncan and Alan would like to wish all of our contributors and site followers good health and happiness for the Christmas season and for the coming year. With your invaluable help, we have made great progress on the LM658 story during 2012…..let’s see what 2013 brings!….Best wishes and thanks to you all.

October 2012: Major Updates Added.

Many thanks to webmaster Duncan for adding the updates to the Ramsden, Downie and Paston- Williams crew biographies. Also added is the hardest and most considered thing I have ever had to write, the chain of events that happened in the air on that fateful night, which can be found inserted into THE HOOD STORY section. Thanks to all contributors involved! (see ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS section).

Just when we thought it had all gone quiet again!…

A remarkable and exciting contact has landed in my inbox from medal collector Mr Richard Jones, not only has he furnished us with photos of flight engineer John Downie’s medal collection (of which he is custodian), but also with documentary evidence of information regarding the chain of events during LM 658’s fateful op!…Hence, I am working on a re-write of a key part of the story….watch this space….

Another piece of the jigsaw…

Delighted that Mrs Anne Merritt has got in touch with us, Anne is the daughter of LM 658’s bomb aimer P/O Benjamin Ramsden and was still only a baby when her father was lost….as a result, we are currently preparing the mini-biography of “Benny” as he was known to all (including some excellent photos) which will appear shortly, taking it’s rightful it’s place alongside those of his crewmates!

Frank (Francis) Ernest Wright – info request

Check out the Post on the guestbook from Jill (Wright) Fraas, seeking information about her Dad who was a Lancaster rear gunner, once shot down over the Firth of Forth.

If anybody has any information then please let us know!

The Quest Continues…

Following my approach to the senior features editor of “The Hamilton Spectator” newspaper in Ontario Canada, hometown of our rear gunner: F/O Bruce Arnold David, we have been put in touch with a local RCAF veterans organisation who have agreed to help try and make contact with anyone who knows/knew F/O David post war…Watch this space!!!….

Spam, glorious spam…

As an aside…

Did you know we get about 1500 –  2000 attempts every month to spam our guestbook or commentable pages with junk links to rubbish sites?

But we catch ’em all!

It’s an interesting example of how the bad side of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, the art of helping websites rise up the search rankings) industry operates. Ethical SEO is much better for building long lasting benefit and provides value all round – but then as an SEO bod, I would say that wouldn’t I?? 🙂

(Ooops, went off on a rant there – prompted by binning a junk comment that made it through the first line of defence, a ‘pharmaceutical’ related site…)

LM311 – Bottesford Crash

Browsing a completely non-related site & saw a link through to Flight LM311 RAAF 467 Squadron – with a touching & evocative eye-witness account of her crash on return from a raid on Turin.

January 2012 Updates

A few of Alan’s typos corrected. (Couldn’t have been mine of course! 🙂 )

A great photo of Rob Stevens, Son of Stevie Stevens in the pilot’s seat and Alastair Taylor son of Charlie Taylor in the flight engineer’s position on Jim Boyle’s page and some photos of the Germans involved in Gerald Hood & Bote van der Wal’s execution on the Hood Story page.

Best wishes to all our readers for 2012, may you have a peaceful & happy year.

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