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Lancaster ME 732, Roy Fellows…..

The story of Lancaster ME 732, is strongly connected to the LM 658 story and can be found here within the website. In a recent conversation with Roy Fellows he has asked me to see if any relatives of his old crewmates are online and viewing this site, if so he would very much like to speak to you….contact us please!!

August 2014….LM658, 70 years on……

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the loss of LM658……We will remember them.

Flying Officer James H Boyle RCAF…..

We have recently been informed of the passing of Jim Boyle aged 92, at home in Calgary, Jim was the navigator of another operationally ready crew, whose skipper, Flt Lt Christopher Holland was tragically lost with LM658 on his “second dickie” trip. Jim’s memoirs of this time can be found in the OTHER MEMOIRS section of the website. Rest peacefully Jim, you and so many others like you came from all over the Commonwealth to fight when we needed you…your kind will never be forgotten here. I am so glad I had the chance to correspond with you.

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