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April 2015 Update….

As per usual, right out of the blue comes another excellent contact, Mr John Krispyn has got in touch from Australia where he has made his life, but John was born and grew up in occupied Holland and has entrusted me with some of his profound and graphic recollections of life in the Almelo area under the heel of the occupiers, including his eyewitness account of the crash of Lancaster ME 732 on Almelo, which features as part of the extended Hood story. In the not too distant, his memories will be added to the OTHER MEMOIRS section……watch this space……

January 2015 update….

The year began with another boost, a very significant contact from Mrs Christine Jones. who in the process of researching her husband’s family tree discovered that there was a lost airman in the family, who turned out to be our own mid-upper gunner, Flt Sgt Robert Stanley Williams. Via Christine we have had contact with the eldest niece of Flt Sgt Williams, Mrs Pauline Ellis (nee Shone) who has kindly supplied us with a copy of the treasured photo kept on display by the family since his death in 1944. Naturally we are delighted to have finally made contact with the family by the power of the internet and will be updating the information on the site accordingly in the very near future! Apologies for the delay in notifying this development, due to technical reasons! ….Alan.

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